Plural noun: rare birds an exceptional person or thing; a rarity.

About us

We are a branding and printing meca!

We thrive to produce the highest quality products for the best customer service in the industry while using the latest print tech. We will be USA-made only! We will single-handedly change the way printing is done. We started in 2018 as a known printer in the event industry, and as we traveled the USA, our contacts grew. We invested every dollar in new equipment, we started doing more than just printing. We now offer to print to any business or event from, trade shows to uniforms to product packaging and labels.

No print shop does it all! Until now, RAREB1RD

About Us

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Here is our core services we offer here at the one and only Rareb1rd. From making your event dream come to life or making sure your product shines in any retail space we have you covered! We are not your average print shop.ย 

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